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Companion Animals

Animals give us daily companionship and support - We care for them

Pets help people in many ways and for certain populations such as those in a later stage of life pets can bring so much more than companionship. They can help the elderly stay active and healthy and give them a sense of responsibility.

To promote the benefits of pets for the elderly we are inviting people to share photos and videos of older people enjoying life their pets and caring for them. You can post a photo or a video of no longer than 1 minute directly to the We Care Facebook page - - where you can find out more about the campaign.


Animals give us daily companionship and support

 Meet Marilyn and Marmalade:

Marilyn lives in sheltered housing. She has done for the past 6 years and although she gets on fine with the other residents, her best friend is Marmalade, her 5 year old Persian cat.

Marmalade wakes her up every morning, wanting to be fed and cuddled. Marilyn cannot think what life was like before Marmalade – moving to sheltered housing was a big step. However, the stress and anxiety of moving from her familiar surroundings, was alleviated when Marmalade arrived on the scene.

The bond between the two is inextricable and Marilyn does everything to ensure her friend is in good health. She times her own annual check-up at the doctor with a check-up for Marmalade at the vet to make sure Marmalade remains in the best of health. 

The company and comfort Marilyn gets from having Marmalade around is invaluable!


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