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IFAH-Europe Publishes Best Practice Guide for the Use of Pictograms on Labelling of Veterinary Medicines

Brussels, 04 June 2023

IFAH-Europe has developed a set of pictograms for use on the immediate labels of veterinary medicines. They are offered free of charge to manufacturers of animal health products and must be used according to the Best Practice Guide to the Use of Pictograms.


Pictograms and standard abbreviations are often used on packaging and labelling of veterinary medicines for a number of important reasons:

• to reduce the wording that needs translation;
• to facilitate the use of multi-lingual packaging;
• to facilitate the improved availability of veterinary medicinal products in small markets;
• to improve legibility and immediate comprehension by the end-user.

The pictograms and standard abbreviations available from the IFAH-Europe website are intended for use on the immediate labels of animal health products in Europe. All pictograms remain the copy-right of IFAH-Europe, but no permission is required to use them for their intended purpose.

By adhering to the Best Practice Guide for the Use of Pictograms IFAH-Europe aims to ensure that pictograms appearing on the labelling are suitably presented with optimum legibility and accessibility of information to guarantee safe use of the animal health product. Veterinary medicines should always be used according to the instructions in the product leaflet or the instructions given by the veterinarian to ensure Responsible Use.


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