European Parliament adopts proposals to amend the legislation for veterinary medicinal products
(17 December 2023)
The veterinary pharmaceutical industry promotes risk analysis on antibiotic resistance "Only healthy animals produce healthy foods"  (11 November 2023)
IFAH-Europe hold a Reception for EU veterinary medicine legislators (15 July '03)
EP endorses EU proposals for future feed additive legislation (04 July '03)
IFAH-Europe welcomes Commission's modified Veterinary Directive proposal. (28 April '03)
Danish Animal Welfare Problems Must Not be Ignored. (08 November '02)
Fresh Animal Welfare Concerns Over "Growth Promoter" Ban Raised at Foulum Symposium.
(07 November '02)
Ban on Antibiotic Growth Promoters - Does Not Benefit Human Health, Say Experts.
(06 November '02)
Ban on "Growth Promoting" Antibiotics - Must Take Account of Animal Welfare, Say Experts.
(05 November '02)
European Federation of Animal Health agrees new structure to increase leadership, efficiency in European representation. (28 October '02)
Parliament Makes Strides in Solving Medicines Availability Crisis, Member States Asked to Support and Go Further! (23 October '02)
"Reduce Red Tape For Medicines!" Urge Members of the European Parliament. ( 3 October '02)
"Animals Are Good For You!" - MEPs told at Second European "Pet Night". (1 October '02)
Dr. Johan Vanhemelrijck Moves On From the European Federation of Animal Health. (1 July '02)
12 intensive months in the animal health industry bear fruit, FEDESA General Assembly informed.
(24 June '02)
Medicines Availability at Centre of Debate at Second Commission-EMEA PERF Conference. (15 April '02)
Regulatory Framework is No. 1 Cause of Veterinary Medicines Availability Crisis, new Study Reveals.
(9 April '02)
Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on
Additives for Use in Animal Nutrition.
(3 April '02)
You know milk comes from cows ... But do our children?
FEDESA supports Pan-European Educational Programme. (19 February '02)
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