Responsible use of animal medicines

Responsible use = to ensure that our products are used properly and in accordance with the conditions of the product registration system.

Medicines go through a rigorous authorisation and review process by independent authorities before they are put on the market. The safety, efficacy and quality of medicines are continually monitored by independent experts and authorities.

Once the product is available on the market, we need a responsible use of them at all steps in the food production process: distribution, prescription and delivery, and final use by farmers, for food safety, and to maintain products’ effectiveness. The issue is not the quantity but the quality of the use of our products. The animal medicines industry works with its partners in the food chain to promote the responsible use of animal medicines.

Responsible use = availability

The availability of our solutions for the prevention and treatment of food producing animals depends on the good and responsible use of them. Each partner in the food chain must achieve the same level of good practice as that required from animal medicine companies to obtain a marketing authorisation and put a product on the market.

Responsible use = the good and responsible information provided from industry 

The animal health industry adheres to ethical codes of practice and to legal obligations with respect to product advertising and promotion. This responsible promotion is a way companies can communicate about disease prevention and treatment in addition to supplying technical product information and advice to veterinarians.

Responsible use = traceability

Traceability of food integrates the traceability of our products with the use of them on farm. The illegal importation of animal medicines negates this traceability and jeopardises food safety and consumer confidence.

Responsible use = sustainability

Our industry is also very aware of the need to minimise veterinary medicines' residues in the environment, and this facet is built into the approval process for animal medicines. By respecting the manufacturers’ instructions, as stated in the marketing authorisation, and the prescription, users can guarantee a level of residue under the legal limit, which themselves are set with very great safety margins.

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