IFAH-Europe continues to contribute towards
improving the quality of life for animals and people


Brussels, Belgium, 4 June 2023: IFAH-Europe demonstrated its continued contribution
towards improving the quality of life for animals and people at an event organised in Paris,
France, on 26 May. Over fifty representatives from the animal health industry and other
stakeholders, including the OIE, the WHO, EU regulatory authorities and journalists

Presentations covering IFAH-Europe’s Annual Report of activities in 2003, IFAHEurope’s
information on key facts and figures on the European animal health industry and
IFAH-Europe’s Good Veterinary Pharmacovigilance Practice Guide were given.

IFAH-Europe has always strived to promote a predictable, harmonised, science-based and
innovative market place for the provision of quality animal health products to achieve a
high standard of animal health and welfare. This is not only essential to secure a safe food
supply for people, but is equally important to optimise the quality of life for livestock and
companion animals. Furthermore, the animal health industry in Europe generates over
50,000 full-time jobs and represents some 33% of worldwide sales.

Jean-Louis Delforge, Chairman of the IFAH-Europe Council, reported on IFAH-Europe’s
activities during 2003, which centred around its three strategic priorities of regulatory
affairs, food chain and image management. The Annual Report was presented to the

John Barrie Williams, Director External Affairs presented key facts and figures
highlighting the input of the industry to both the economy and the environment in the EU,
as well as time and costs associated with the important business of product development.
The sector’s contribution to the environment was demonstrated by estimates that in a
situation without veterinary medicines, the poultry and cattle population would have to
increase significantly to obtain the same production level as today, with a consequent
increase in manure output. Much of the information presented is included in the IFAHEurope
Facts Card that was distributed to participants.

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Susanne Zänker, Director Technical and International Affairs, gave an overview of IFAHEurope’s
Guide on Good Veterinary Pharmacovigilance Practice which was launched on
21 April at a Brussels-based event. The Guide forms an important part of the animal health
industry’s strategy to promote veterinary pharmacovigilance and explains the obligations
of each party responsible for the pre- and post-approval surveillance of veterinary
medicinal products.

Copies of the IFAH-Europe’s Annual Report 2003 and Facts Card are available free of
charge at [email protected] or may be downloaded directly from the IFAH-Europe website
The Guide on Good Veterinary Pharmacovigilance Practice can be ordered from IFAHEurope
for € 10 plus postage by using the following e-mail address: [email protected]

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Notes to Editors:

IFAH-Europe is the representative body of manufacturers of veterinary medicines, vaccines and
other animal health products in Europe.

For further information on IFAH-Europe, please visit http://www.ifahsec.org/Europe

For further information on the issue covered by this Press Release, please contact Barrie Williams,
Director External Affairs or Diane Chevreux, Communications Advisor

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